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Las Vegas burlesque shows can be an exciting and fun option for group entertainment. Beautiful burlesque dancers and sexually explicit comedy skits combine to create a risqué performance art form that is best suited for an adult audience. For a corporate event, bachelor party, wedding, or adult birthday celebration, think about booking a burlesque act.

Any event or party is enhanced by the high energy and seductive appeal of our professional burlesque dancers. To satisfy our customers' preferences for costumes, Sin City Entertainment provides a range of outfit styles.

When you hire our burlesque dancers, you are choosing an unforgettable show. Reach out to learn more about our burlesque entertainment packages and bring a touch of seductive glamor to your upcoming event.

Burlesque Performer
Burlesque Performer

Burlesque Performer
Burlesque Performer with Showgirls

Burlesque Performer
Burlesque Performer


Burlesque Entertainment

Burlesque is another distinctive dance style. Burlesque, a dance form that combines elements from comedies, musicals, and theater productions, has gained international recognition. While some versions are slightly less provocative than others, some add more than a hint of it. The dance features a lot of big, obscene movements along with a lot of exaggerated and exotic poses and expressions.

The original Victorian burlesque has been transformed into an exotic and provocative form of American burlesque. Through their performances, which are typically satirical, artists tell stories through elaborate movements and gaudy looks. Burlesque costumes often feature skimpy or simple apparel, emphasizing extravagance and garish styles. The types of performances being held at a modern show will determine the costumes that are worn. The costumes worn by burlesque dancers have evolved to nearly match the style of burlesque.

A risqué burlesque performer can elegantly define your corporate or private event and leave audiences enthralled. Adding seductive burlesque entertainment to your event will elevate it to new heights.


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