Celebrity Lookalikes

Looking to make an impression with your clients or friends? Hire a celebrity lookalike to attend your special event. SIN CITY ENTERTAINMENT has a wide selection of famous lookalikes. Our Las Vegas celebrity lookalikes not only turn heads but turn ordinary gatherings into fun and memorable events.

Robert DeNiro Look-alike
Robert DeNiro

Sean Connery Look-alike
Sean Connery

Tom Cruise Look-alike
Tom Cruise

Lucille Ball Impersonator
Lucille Ball

Barack Obama Look-alike
Barack Obama

Blue Brothers
Blue Brothers


Angelina Jolie look-alike
Angelina Jolie

Jack Sparrow Impersonator
Jack Sparrow

Bret Michaels Look-alike
Bret Michaels

Abe Lincoln Impersonator
Abe Lincoln

Zach Galifianakis
Zach Galifianakis


Jennifer Aniston Look-alike
Jennifer Aniston

Slash Impersonator



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