Giant Nutcrackers

Browse our large selection of giant nutcrackers for your holiday event. Our life size nutcracker is one of the most popular characters during the Christmas season. These colorful statues will set the tone for any festive celebration.

Grand Nutcracker Rental
Nutcracker Rental #1
Standing an impressive 6 feet tall and pre-lit with 15 cool-burning LED lights, he'll make a grand statement at any holiday event.

Gold/Ivory Queen Throne
Nutcracker Rental #2
This grandly sized 6' nutcracker works wonderfully with any Christmas party display. It is made of a resin-like material, with a carved wood finish.

Silver/Ivory Queen Throne
Nutcracker Rental #3
Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with this 6' Resin Wood-like Carved Grand Nutcracker.

Gold/Hot Pink Queen Throne
Nutcracker Rental #4
This 6 feet tall life size nutcracker boasts 25 LED lights, casting a warm and inviting glow to create cherished memories for your holiday event.

White/Ivory Queen Throne
Nutcracker Rental #5
Standing at attention, our regal, six-foot tall toylike nutcracker stands watch over the holiday season in classic elegance.

Gold/Red velvet King Throne
Nutcracker Rental #6
This show-stopping 6' masterpiece is sure to catch attention wherever it is placed! Our Nutcracker rental props are sure to be a big hit this holiday season.


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